Broward County, FL, is consistently ranked as one of the top four most dangerous places in the country for bicyclists and pedestrians. The county is auto-centric, with limited provisions for walking and bicycling. However, the need is high. In addition to the identified safety issue, social inequalities exist that are accentuated by the necessity to own a car, which is not feasible for many low income residents.


In order to address these issues, the Broward MPO hired Kittelson to undertake the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (BPSAP). The Kittelson team is working to determine the challenges (from a policy standpoint) to creating quality pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure and to come up with a plan to address these challenges. This work is supported with the assistance of the Advocacy Team (A-Team), a group of local bicycle and pedestrian advocates involved in the community, to help with guiding the project, getting the word out, and moving projects forward even after project completion.

The Outcome

Make Driving Less Necessary, Increase Social Equity

The project is ongoing, Kittelson is working with the MPO to determine high level and transformative policy changes that can improve the walking and bicycling environment more effectively than a series of individual interventions. Such changes might include the designation of walking and bicycling priority zones, where the needs for those modes take precedence in planning and engineering over those for the vehicle. The MPO intends to be the driving force behind this transformation, much as it was with Complete Streets in Broward County, and will work with the cities to move projects forward.


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