Florida is the third largest state in the country with a robust economy and varying mobility needs. On an ongoing basis, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is confronted with the challenge of presenting the state of their transportation system to interested parties, accounting for the performance of multiple modes and the trends impacting transportation. They contracted Kittelson to bring this information together in 2018 in a format meaningful to engineers as well as comprehensive to non-engineers and planners.


FDOT has been reporting on key performance measures annually since the early 2000s. While traditionally auto-centric, focusing on the quantity and quality of travel along Florida’s roadways, the reporting program has evolved to capture multiple modes of transportation and account for safety, accessibility and utilization. Kittelson helped FDOT assemble a modern report that encapsulates these performance measures and provides a comprehensive summary of transportation trends across the state.

The Outcome

Telling the Story of Transportation in Florida

The Source Book combines data and graphics to tell a compelling story of transportation conditions in the state of Florida. In 2019, Kittelson converted the Source Book to a digital version, allowing users to explore mobility measures at the MPO, county, and roadway segment level through an interactive dashboard they can filter to find the information most relevant to them. The Source Book continues to be updated annually, providing FDOT, industry practitioners, and the general public with access to an up-to-date snapshot of Florida’s multimodal transportation system.




Florida Department of Transportation