The I-84 bridge in Hood River, OR, crosses over the Hood River. This bridge is unique in that it is actually two separate structures, which abut each other longitudinally within a travel lane. Since the two structures were constructed at different times, the maintenance schedules vary for the surfaces, with one needing a complete deck replacement and the other needing a grind-and-overlay type of rehabilitation. Given that I-84 is the primary east-west route through the state, it would be extremely difficult — if not impossible — to close one direction for the amount of time that would be required for a complete bridge deck replacement.


With a thorough traffic analysis, outreach, and design effort, we developed a plan to utilize the entire width of the freeway lanes and shoulders to maintain two lanes of two-way traffic on the mainline. Kittelson also assisted in coordinating a construction schedule that would allow for standard freeway lanes to be reopened for peak travel periods such as holidays and summer and winter travel, when the demand on this section of freeway is the highest or when weather conditions are hazardous.

I-84 bridge deck

I-84 bridge deck

I-84 bridge deck

I-84 bridge deck

The Outcome

Keeping Traffic Moving When a Bridge Goes Offline

Traffic control measures were established to the satisfaction of various Oregon Department of Transportation divisions, local agencies (including the City of Hood River and the Port of Hood River), and the interested public. Among other areas, the measures addressed:

  • Freight mobility
  • Bike and pedestrian accessibility
  • Construction
  • Emergency response




Oregon Dept. of Transportation Region 4


Hood River, Oregon