Cities in Orange County must adhere to the countywide Master Plan of Arterial Highways (MPAH), which defines the regional roadway network and the full buildout capacity of streets, in order to remain eligible for transportation funding. However, this creates barriers to implementing local complete streets projects that focus on pedestrian, bicycle, and/or transit throughput as opposed to vehicle capacity.


Kittelson conducted a detailed needs assessment, established a Project Development Team (PDT), and prepared and evaluated potential alternative approaches to updating the MPAH, its processes, and its consistency requirements. We developed an approach that would streamline the amendment process, provide additional guidance for cities, and refine the regional transportation network to provide increase flexibility for local jurisdictions.

The Outcome

Accelerating the Implementation of Local Complete Streets Projects

The detailed implementation plan addresses key steps, phasing, critical path items, risk factors, timelines, transition processes, and coordination with cities. OCTA is now implementing the recommendations, which should facilitate local jurisdictions’ bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and other complete streets projects.




Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)


Orange County, CA