Forward-thinking state and local agency leaders know that to remain competitive, they must make changes to the transportation system and update agency policies, processes, and project workflow from purpose and need statements through planning, design, funding, and construction. State DOTs are tasked with improving travel options for everyone, including people on foot, bike, and in transit, and to support this goal, must develop an action plan for more seamless and effective implementation of complete streets and innovative transportation design and engineering principles.


Kittelson was tasked with providing complete streets and practical solutions technical assistance and training workshops for State Departments of Transportation and with local government agencies. We worked with Smart Growth America to prepare workshop materials and presentations tailored to specific agencies and their training needs. The workshops were multi-day sessions structured with presentation modules and active exercises to apply complete streets design and planning principles to actual projects and case studies. Through the workshops, facilitators and participants worked together to identify ways in which the agencies and local partners can use smart growth strategies to achieve their stated mission, vision, and goals and to create more livable, sustainable, and vibrant communities. A key component of the workshop was a walking audit that exposed workshop participants to real-world multimodal challenges. Throughout the workshop, the walking audit site was used to develop innovative solutions to each of the key challenges identified.

SGA tech assistance

SGA tech assistance

SGA tech assistance

SGA tech assistance

The Outcome

Teaching America How to Complete Streets

Prior to, during, and after each of the workshops, the team summarized the challenges and opportunities within each transportation agency and worked with Smart Growth America to develop an action plan for more seamless and effective implementation of complete streets. Workshop participants provided positive feedback to the training team. Participants shared that they benefited tremendously from the walking audit, innovative planning and design principles, and from the application of these principles to real-world projects.




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