Washington County, OR, continues to grow with industrial, commercial, and residential development. However, as the county grows, so does traffic. There is a need to service the changing traffic patterns of the county to provide a safe and efficient transportation system. This must be accomplished in a cost effective way by making the most of existing infrastructure and investing in smart technologies.


To address the challenge, Kittelson assisted Washington County in:
• Providing updated signal timing and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) support;
• Developing a plan to deploy Bluetooth readers on County facilities to monitor changes in travel time;
• Testing red clearance interval extension using radar detectors;
• Optimizing signalized operations at an intersection with frequent rail crossings; and
• Developing and implementing updated signal timings that are designed to reduce delay and travel time in key corridors.


The Outcome

Intelligent Transportation for a Growing Washington County

Kittelson continues to support Washington County with signal timing and intelligent transportation systems. As the community continues to grow and traffic patterns evolves, the County remains committed to serving its citizens, and Kittelson is ready to support County staff.




Washington County


Washington County, Oregon