John Paul Weesner

Principal Urban Planner/Landscape Architect (he/him)

John Paul Weesner

John Paul (JP) is a practicing landscape architect and urban designer. He provides urban design solutions that  integrate built environments with implementable projects and leverage transportation infrastructure with “placemaking” to create walkable, livable, and context-relevant places. He has over 17 years of experience in working on downtown master plans, transit-oriented and infill developments, multimodal streetscapes, traffic calming and “road diets,” and implementing Complete Streets.

Throughout his career, JP has utilized an empowering public process for public projects. He has led numerous community engagements which include: facilitating city council/commission meetings; public open houses; public workshops, in which the community and staff sit down together to “draw” the plan; and citizen-based “walking audits,” in which members of the community walk with JP and discuss local issues that are directly in the context of problem areas. In his spare time, JP is an adjunct professor at the University of Florida, where he teaches online courses that focus on analyzing project sites using digital media, developing presentation and writing skills, and most importantly, helping students to develop critical thinking skills.

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