Mike Alston

Senior Engineer/Planner (he/him)

Mike Alston, TE, is a senior engineer with local and national experience conducting and leading community-focused mobility plans, especially safety and active transportation plans. Mike has experience leading and assisting with city and regional scale plans, as well as intersection and corridor level design. He prioritizes incorporating social equity plans and seeing that locally appropriate context is considered in project development goals, processes, and outcomes. In addition to traditional traffic operations, Mike specializes in multimodal transportation planning and prioritization. Mike’s work also frequently includes analyzing large data sets and developing prioritization frameworks for project implementation.

Mike is also passionate about research as a way to advance practice. His most significant recent contributions have been to projects sponsored by NCHRP or FHWA, including NCHRP Report 948: Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety at Alternative and Other Intersections, NCHRP Report 1036: Guide to Roadway Cross Section Reallocation, the forthcoming 3rd Edition of the National Roundabout Guide, and the FHWA Crosswalk Marking Effectiveness Guide (publication pending). He coauthored a paper based on that research, TRR 22-01482, “Factors Affecting Driver Yielding at Uncontrolled Crosswalks,” which was awarded 2022 Paper of the Year by the TRB Human Factors Committee.

Mike is a friend of the TRB Standing Committee on Pedestrians and an active member of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Pedestrians Policy Committee. When not actively working on transportation issues, he can typically be found confronting them on his bike — ask him about randonneuring!

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