The Palm Beach TPA needed a sketch-level planning analysis of transit alternatives as a first step toward a transit corridor study on Okeechobee Boulevard.


Our team developed a transportation conditions spreadsheet based on an extensive review of transit projects elsewhere, as well as 3D renderings to illustrate a vision of Okeechobee Boulevard with light rail.

The Outcome

Illustrating the Vision for a Transit-First Boulevard

The spreadsheet helped Kittelson staff quickly iterate between different project alternatives, including Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit. The results of the sketch-level analysis were concisely summarized in maps and charts. The renderings were a powerful tool to communicate to stakeholders a long-term vision for a transit-first Okeechobee Boulevard and the land use that would be needed to support it.

The Palm Beach TPA is now conducting a full transit corridor study to better understand its options for enhancing transit, expanding pedestrian and bicycle access to transit, and improving the health outcomes of communities along Okeechobee Boulevard.



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