To improve local and regional walking and biking connectivity, the City of Buena Park partnered with Kittelson to perform a feasibility study to identify ways to close a major regional gap between local and regional bike trails. The City faced several physical constraints and barriers to implementing bicycle and pedestrian improvements, such as rail lines, overpasses/bridges, a storm channel, and constrained curb-to-curb vehicular capacity.


Kittelson engaged the community through workshops, pop-up events, social media outreach, and a project survey. Following extensive technical analysis and public outreach efforts, Kittelson developed concept plans (at a 30% design level) of on- and off-street bicycle and pedestrian facilities along three alternative routes. These routes and the recommended improvements were designed to work around the physical constraints while providing the City with design flexibility.

The Outcome

Through an extensive screening process that included more than 20 criteria, Kittelson determined the recommended alternative and flexible design options, which were approved by City staff. The findings, conceptual plans, and other information such as funding and implementation guidance were folded into a final report that will aid the City in future grant applications for construction.




City of Buena Park


City of Buena Park