The intersection of Broadway and Anaheim Boulevard serves high traffic volumes and multiple modes (vehicles, buses, bikes, pedestrians, and trucks). In addition, there are right-of-way constraints around the intersection.


For the first phase of this project, Kittelson prepared an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) memorandum. We collected weekday and weekend peak multimodal volumes and conducted a site visit to ensure that the proposed roundabout’s design would accommodate vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and buses. Following the technical analysis and recommendations, Kittelson developed an initial roundabout configuration at a scaled sketch planning level over aerial photography; this design concept included recommended bicycle and pedestrian facilities and potential right-of-way impacts around the roundabout.

The Outcome

Bringing ICE to Sunny Southern California

The City of Anaheim now has an understanding of how to accommodate the multiple users and modes at this location. With the conceptual design sketch, they also understand the right-of-way requirements for designing a roundabout with sufficient multimodal capacity before proceeding with next steps.

Banner image: Ken Lund on Flickr




City of Anaheim


Anaheim, CA