Intersection improvements were needed to address operational deficiencies and safety concerns at the intersection of US 20, O.B. Riley Road, and Cook Avenue in Tumalo, Oregon. Based on traffic analysis and concept design completed by Kittelson along the corridor, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) initiated the design phase to address safety, enhance multimodal functionality, support growth, and accommodate freight, while minimizing impacts.


The Kittelson team, in coordination with ODOT and Deschutes County, investigated several intersection improvement options at US 20/O.B. Riley Road/Cook Avenue to solve operations and safety issues at the intersection. Alternatives included a traditional signalized intersection, a grade separated interchange, and a roundabout, with several variations of each. Through stakeholder outreach, which included engaging members of the Tumalo community, Deschutes County, and ODOT, consensus was reached for an at-grade multilane roundabout, one of the first on the State of Oregon highway system in more than 20 years. Kittelson is now leading the multidisciplinary team that is developing the intersection improvements design.

The Outcome

Addressing Intersection Challenges with a Multi-Lane Roundabout

The team is preparing designs for signing, permanent pavement marking, a multiuse path, structures for the path undercrossing of US 20, temporary traffic control and staging, and ADA pedestrian facilities. Carrying out the project has also involved utility coordination and public information and outreach support. Final design is scheduled to be complete in early 2022 with construction planned for 2022.




Oregon Department of Transportation


Tumalo, Oregon