The Cabrillo Boulevard corridor provides access to recreational uses in Santa Barbara, CA, including the Andree Clark Bird Refuge, the Santa Barbara Zoo, and the beach. The project aims to improve coastal access for pedestrians and bicycles along the corridor as well as the key study intersection of Cabrillo Boulevard and Los Patos Way. This corridor faces special challenges including access to US-101, grade-separated railroad facilities, and historic and ecological constraints. In addition, the project will coincide with the proposed improvements to US-101; therefore the project must accommodate proposed closures and provide interim access for pedestrians and bicycles.


  • Develop roadway improvements, including replacing the railroad structure to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and provide interim facilities under the existing US-101 structures.
  • Provide alternative intersection designs to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle facilities while addressing the high demand and close proximity to the US-101 ramps within the constraints of ecological and historic sites.
  • Conduct a benefit-cost analysis to determine the best intersection control alternative based on safety, delay, emission, operations and maintenance, and capital costs.

The Outcome

US-101 Roundabout Gets Californians to the Beach on Foot

A single lane roundabout was determined to provide safe and efficient access for pedestrian and bicycles without creating significant delay for vehicles. In addition, the roundabout would maintain the historic character of the area.




Ty Lin International


Santa Barbara, California