The City of Hallandale Beach is committed to delivering an enhancement project along Atlantic Shores Boulevard between US1 and Diplomat Parkway. The goal of this planning process was to build consensus among stakeholders and agency officials on a plan to improve the infrastructure and safety for all users of the street, as well as enhance the aesthetics and sense of place on Atlantic Shores Blvd.



Our team’s role for this project included completing an assessment of existing conditions to evaluate needs, facilitate the stakeholder and community engagement processes, and develop concept alternatives and recommendations to help advance the project to its design phase. We coordinated and conducted two workshops where input was gathered from City staff, public stakeholders, and a group of engaged residents who live within the study area. Through this process, the intent was to build informed consent within the community on the desired alternative.

The Outcome

Redesigning Atlantic Shores Boulevard Into a Safer Street

Through working with the City of Hallandale Beach and the public, we identified corridor needs, came up with a preferred alternative, and developed a plan to implement enhancements on Atlantic Shores Boulevard. The plan focused on balancing parking needs with general concerns about keeping the street safe for people walking and bicycling, as well as managing vehicle speeds. The preferred alternative reflects a redesigned corridor into a narrower, safer street, introducing a bicycle facility along both sides of the street, two mid-block crossing islands with median refuge for pedestrians, a raised intersection, a roundabout, and back-in angled parking. Objectives for this project also included adding streetscape elements into the design to improve the overall aesthetics of the corridor.




City of Hallandale Beach


Hallandale Beach, FL