The Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) is the industry’s go-to guide for evaluating the multimodal operation of highways and streets. With significant additions/expansions to the computational procedures laid out in the 6th Edition, and a desire to make the HCM available in a searchable e-book format, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) decided it was time to release a new edition of this essential guide to moving people and goods.


Kittelson supported TRB in the publication of the 7th edition of the HCM and worked with TRB’s editorial staff to migrate the manual to its first-ever e-book format. Kittelson prepared written text and exhibits for all 38 chapters of the manual for both the e-book and print version. The HCM7 contains several new groundbreaking methodologies, many of which were developed by Kittelson through separate contracts. The major updates include new materials on capacity estimates for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) that we developed through a national pooled fund study, new methods for pedestrian analysis through Kittelson-led NCHRP 17-87, new methods for two-lane highway analysis through Kittelson-supported NCHRP 17-56, and a new chapter on network interactions of arterials and freeways.

The Outcome

The Highway Capacity Manual Goes Digital

The Highway Capacity Manual 7th Edition was published in 2022 and reflects the latest in capacity and quality of service analysis across a full spectrum of facility types. Paperback and digital versions can be purchased on TRB’s website.




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