States, MPOs, and local governments are challenged with understanding the status of mobility within their roadway systems. Most agencies do not have a comprehensive report that covers multiple dimensions of mobility and readily conveys conditions to travelers, transportation professionals, and decision makers. Without an annual recurring report of these conditions, there is no immediate way of ascertaining whether conditions are improving or worsening.


Develop multimodal performance reports for all 27 MPOs in the state of Florida. Performance measures for these reports came from determining the MPOs reporting needs. Kittelson honed in on specific measures that covered areas of accessibility, travel quantity, system utilization, and quality of travel. These measures covered automobiles, transit, bikes, and pedestrians.

The Outcome

Florida Roadways — Who's Going Where, and How?

The project team organized the data by MPO, county, and urbanized area boundary so that recipients could extract reports for their area of interest, and developed a structure for routinely updating the data. Infographics, tables, and online interactive maps were also developed and distributed to individual MPOs.




Florida Department of Transportation


Tallahassee, Florida