Plans to build a casino, resort, and tribal center would have led to increased traffic volumes on the surrounding roadways and on the NW La Center Road/I-5 interchange in La Center, Washington, causing the interchange to be under capacity and therefore, unsafe and inefficient.


Working with the Cowlitz Tribe, Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and City of La Center, Kittelson led a multidisciplinary team that planned, designed, and constructed a new interchange, and modified the nearby roadway network. Kittelson prepared documents to meet NEPA requirements, the interchange justification report, and traffic impact analysis report. Several alternatives were developed to address traffic volumes and closely spaced roads. Using multi-agency workshops and unique public outreach activities, the team developed interchange concepts, traffic control plans, an access management approach, and local circulation alternatives.

La Center Rd

The Outcome

A New Freeway Interchange in Just 10 Months

By establishing an open and collaborative planning and design process, the constructed improvements support long-term traffic demands, and pedestrian and bicycle activities. The improvements have resulted in lower maintenance costs, improved aesthetics, a gateway to the City of La Center and Cowlitz Reservation, and better safety for the traveling public.




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La Center, Washington