SR 916/NW 135th Street is an important arterial that provides access to and within North Miami. It is a major route used by residents to go from I-95 to the eastern limits of the city. The existing typical section along the arterial includes 4 lanes separated by a dual left turn lane. Because most of the traffic on this road is coming from I-95 at high speeds, vehicles tend to speed along this corridor. The characteristics of the road are not consistent with the existing land use types and do not promote a safe environment for all road users.


The City of North Miami requested that FDOT and Kittelson to develop a Complete Streets-based concept for SR 916/NW 135th Street from NW 6 Avenue to west of SR 5/Biscayne Boulevard, including a median treatment along SR 916/NW 135th Street to be developed and incorporated in an ongoing resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation (3R) project along this segment.

The Outcome

Major Miami Route Gets Safer, Friendlier Makeover

The proposed concept will be implemented in the ongoing resurfacing project, which is scheduled for construction starting February 2019.

  • The final typical section of SR 916/NW 135th Street will maintain the same number of lanes, but narrower, and will encourage drivers to travel at lower speeds.
  • The installation of the curbed median will help to calm the traffic and make drivers more aware of their surroundings.
  • The raised median will provide an opportunity for the City to install small or thin palm trees, increasing the overall beautification of the corridor and providing a sense of space and community.
  • The modifications and implementation of a median will require modifications to current access, which will result in an overall reduction in several types of crashes, including angle and left turn crashes.
  • Green spaces for gateway features have been included in the concept, giving the City of North Miami the opportunity to enhance the corridor even further.


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