What do transportation planning and engineering projects look like on a day-to-day basis?

What is it like to be an entry-level transportation professional?

What steps can I take today to build a meaningful career path in transportation?

We know these questions—and many others—are on your mind as you consider the next steps you’re taking in your career. We decided the best thing we could do is set up forums for you to bring your questions to the transportation professionals who were in your shoes one, five, and ten years ago.

We invite you to join us for “Conversations With Kittelson,” a series of four virtual panel conversations built around your questions.

A Career in Transportation

Tuesday, October 26

5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST

Kittelson’s CEO Brandon Nevers, Associate Planner Veronica McBeth, and Transportation Analyst Joceline Suhaimi will present an overview of what career paths exist within the transportation profession, and a bit about the culture and values that define us at Kittelson.

This event has passed, but the recording is available on-demand through December 31, 2021.

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Kittelson’s Internship Program

Tuesday, November 2

5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST

Interested in 2022 internships? Learn all about our program, what it entails, and how to apply from intern program organizers Caitlin Mildner and Megan Morrow, who will be joined by 2021 intern Karen Phan.

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Project Panel: Innovative Examples of Research, Planning, Design, and Operations

Wednesday, November 10

5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST

Jorge BarriosWende Wilber, Caitlin Tobin, and Bastian Schroeder will provide examples of recent work that is helping to transform how communities move. Our panelists will leave plenty of time for a Q&A about what these and other transportation projects look like day-to-day.

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Day in the Life Panel: Experiences of Early Career Professionals

Wednesday, November 17

5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST

Pick the brains of three transportation analysts less than three years into their careers. Amanua Osafo, Esteban Doyle, and Grace Carsky will share what their work is like and what helped them most in preparing for and launching their transportation careers.

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