The City of Pasadena, California has a population of approximately 140,000 people. It is well-known in the transportation profession for its transportation management center and its effective use of signal coordination and ITS technology to manage large events, such as the Annual Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl football game. Around 2014, the City came to realize that their residents, visitors, and the businesses would benefit from a similarly robust process for monitoring and improving roadway safety.


Kittelson worked with the City of Pasadena to develop a safety management process and supporting tool that could be applied by City staff to monitor the safety performance of the entire street network and to identify locations of highest priority for improvements. Kittelson integrated Highway Safety Manual performance measures into a GIS-based tool, as well as the Crossroads software program used by the City.

The Outcome

GIS Tool Aims Spotlight at High Crash Areas

The tool enabled the City to upload new roadway and crash data as frequently as they wish, and to assess which locations (intersections and segments) have the highest potential for improved safety. The City was able to use the findings from this project to secure HSIP grant funding for several improvements.




City of Pasadena


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