For more than 25 years, the Kittelson team has been making an impact in transportation planning, safety, and operations across California through creative solutions that prioritize community needs and feedback. As we continue to grow our team and services here, we’re hiring for four key positions that can be based anywhere in the state. If you’re ready to leave your fingerprint on the transportation profession in California, we want to meet you! Read on to learn about these opportunities and what it’s like to be part of the Kittelson team.

Join a Local Office, But a National Team

Kittelson’s team of transportation planners and engineers serves communities across the country by providing creative, forward-thinking solutions to challenging problems facing our multimodal transportation systems. Our operating philosophy is “one firm, many locations,” meaning we all see ourselves as part of the same team. Here, project teams are formed based on skillset and interests, not location.

“I enjoy being able to work with more than 250 transportation researchers, planners, and design professionals in an un-siloed environment. There’s a large degree of autonomy here in shaping the next phase of your career.”

- Gibran Hadj-Chikh, Senior Principal Planner

Four of our 27 office locations are based in California: Oakland, Orange, Sacramento, and our newest office, San Diego. In Summer 2021, we officially established a San Diego presence through the hire of Associate Engineer Mychal Loomis, who will be joined soon by Chris Romano, formerly of San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

Growth Through Serving Others First

We’ve always believed that growth should come from us following our people—letting the passions and interests of our team guide business development. In California, this has naturally led us to a focus in planning and technical analysis, including VMT assessments, multimodal corridor planning, and systemic safety planning for agencies across the state. 

It is our aim to work with clients to develop holistic, sustainable solutions. While many firms specialize in a particular mode, we strive to consider all aspects of a transportation system as pieces of the overall puzzle, not isolated projects. Our California planning and design work is supported by our national research practice, rigorous data analysis and modeling, and state of the art analyses. 

As we look ahead to the next steps of this growth, we’ll continue to follow our people—which means you could have a say in what’s next!  

Be a Person, Not a Number

We believe people are at their best when they’re writing their own script. Practically speaking, we trust staff to make the decisions that are right for them, including where and how they work.

“Kittelson connects as people, listening and engaging, adjusting and readjusting to needs and feedback.”

- Mychal Loomis, Principal Engineer

We’ve all learned a lot over the last year and a half, and one big lesson for us is that we shouldn’t be telling people where to work—we should be asking people what they need in order to be successful. Kittelson continues to offer flexible work environments and we are committed to navigating the months ahead with the preferences and needs of our staff front and center.

Leave Your Fingerprint

Join us in shaping the strategy of transportation initiatives in existing and emerging markets. We are currently hiring for the following positions, which can be based anywhere in California:

Interested in learning more about the Kittelson team? We’d love to meet you! Apply for any of the positions above, or directly contact West Region Operations Leader Dave Mills.