30 Kittelson team members will be attending the 101st Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting from January 9-13, 2022. (Read more about what to expect at the Annual Meeting on our blog!)

We hope to see you at our workshops, presentations, poster sessions and lecterns! Looking forward to sharing and learning with you as we discuss the biggest research questions affecting today’s communities. Here’s where you can find us:

Kittelson’s TRB Schedule

Sunday, January 9


Workshop 1027 Livability Versus Safety Trade-Offs in the Urban Road Design Context


Committee Meeting ACP25(3) Traffic Signals Systems Research Subcommittee

  • Burak Cesme presenting “FHWA Update”


Committee Workshop Big Data and the Highway Capacity Manual

Monday, January 10


Lectern Session 1045 Horizontal Curves, Functional and Contextual Classifications, and Pedestrian and School Crossing


Committee Meeting Transit Management and Performance Committee (AP010)


Poster Session 1177 Advances in Understanding About Bicycle Safety, Modeling, and Behavior

  • Jim Bonneson presenting “Development of a Procedure for Calibrating Crash Prediction Models for Rare Site or Crash Types”
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Poster Session 1179 Traffic Simulation 2022, Part 1 (Part 2, Session 1339; Part 3, Session 1372)

  • Nagui Rouphail presenting “Analytical and Microsimulation Model Calibration and Validation: Application to Roundabouts under Sight-Restricted Conditions”
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Poster Session 1186 Congestion Pricing and Parking Management Showcase


Poster Session 1191 Graduate Student Research in Geometric Design

  • Zach Bugg presiding
  • Peter Yu (former Kittelson intern) presenting “Operational Advantages of the Protected Overlapped Pedestrian Intersection Design”
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Committee Meeting ACP40 Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Committee

Tuesday, January 11


Poster Session 1226 A Look at New Geospatial Data Acquisition Equipment and Technology for Newer and Improved Applications

  • Nagui Rouphail presenting “Capitalizing on Drone Videos to Calibrate Simulation Models for Signalized Intersections and Roundabouts”
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Poster Session 1236 Transit Data Making Headway: New Applications, New Findings, and New Advances

  • Burak Cesme presenting “Analysis of Fine-Grained Bus Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Data to Evaluate Queue Jump Effectiveness in Washington, D.C.”
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Committee Meeting ACP80 Traffic Simulation Committee


Committee Meeting ACH20 Bicycle Transportation Committee


Committee Meeting ACP60(3) Access Management Outreach Subcommittee


Lectern Session 1245 Highway Capacity Manual Upgrade: What Is New for the 7th Edition?


Committee Meeting ACS60(5) Truck and Bus Technology Subcommittee


Poster Session 1303 Highway Capacity and Quality of Service 2022

  • Bastian Schroeder and Burak Cesme presenting “Developing Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) Capacity Adjustment Factors (CAF) for Connected and Automated Traffic at Two-Way-Stop-Controlled (TWSC) Intersections”
  • Nagui Rouphail presenting “Modeling Framework for Predicting Lane Change Intensity at Freeway Weaving Segments”
  • Bastian Schroeder, Burak Cesme, Lee Rodegerdts, and Abby Morgan presenting “Developing Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) Capacity Adjustment Factors (CAF) for Connected and Automated Traffic on Roundabouts”
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Poster Session 1304 Safety Performance and Strategies


Committee Meeting Performance Effects of Geometric Design Committee (AKD10)

Wednesday, January 12


Committee Meeting Transportation Demand Forecasting Committee (AEP50)


Committee Meeting Roundabouts and Other Intersection and Design and Control Strategies Committee (AKD80)